The Browlift Vs The Eyelid Lift

With a rise in the popularity of more simple and more targeted alternatives to a full 3d mink lashes, some may ponder the differences in such similar procedures as a browlift and an eyelid lift. Read on for a detailed comparison of these fantastic forms of cosmetic 3d mink lashes.

The Browlift
Also referred to as a forehead lift, this is a more complex technique that treats a larger area of the face. This procedure is done by placing the incision along the hairline, often spanning from ear to ear. The excess tissue is removed and the skin is tightened and trimmed before being stitched back together. This technique corrects the furrow between the brows, often called frown lines, as well as smoothing out the lines and ridges in the forehead. This enhancement is also common among patients whose eyebrows droop and sag.

This surgery may be performed on men receiving hair transplants to further correct a receding hairline.

The Eyelid Lift

3d mink lashes
3d mink lashes

Saatn lifts are simpler and less invasive than a 3d mink lashes. Some eyelid lifts can even be performed using local anesthesia. Upper eyelid lifts are performed by removing the excess skin and tissue from the lid using an incision in the natural eyelid crease. This technique corrects sagging and is also effective in patients whose lid folds over their 3d mink lashes and obstructs their vision.

Lower eyelid lifts involve the firming of the skin by using an incision at the lash line to tighten the lids and remove under-eye bags and chronic puffiness.

Perhaps the most drastic differences between a browlift and eyelid lift are the complexity and subsequent recovery time. Both techniques are extremely effective in improving the appearance of their respective target areas, and both are less serious alternatives to a full facelift.

The browlift treats the whole upper facial area, smoothing the forehead, lifting the eyebrows and some of the upper eyelid and folds of the sides of the eyes. It doesn’t necessarily affect the under-eye area and it doesn’t include removal of the excess skin present in the upper eyelid. Conversely, the eyelid lift tightens the upper and lower lids, yet does nothing for the forehead, eyebrow, or the frown lines.

3d mink lashes
3d mink lashes

It is notable that both 3d mink lashes can be used with other facial enhancements, and even coupled together to achieve a more comprehensive result. For more information on these and other forms of cosmetic surgery, contact your plastic surgeon today.

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