China 3d mink fur lashes – What Is It and Why Do It?

What is china 3d mink fur lashes?

Eyelash tinting is basically dying the china 3d mink fur lashes. This creates the effect of having mascara on (and the illusion of longer, fuller eyelashes) without having to actually use it. Although black is certainly the most popular color, dyes are available in pretty much any hue someone could want.

It’s one of the most cost-effective and low maintenance beauty procedures one can do (or have done), and it typically lasts four to six weeks.

china 3d mink fur lashes 
china 3d mink fur lashes

Some of the women who can benefit the most from eyelash tinting:

  • Women who want the look of mascara but don’t want the risk of it running (brides-to-be, and other ladies who have special/emotional occasions coming up)
  • Athletes, women who swim a lot, work outdoors, or live in high humidity areas tend to love tinting; all mascara, regardless of price or what the labels say, can clump
  • Busy women who want to look their best, but spending the least amount of time
  • Women with allergies can save money by having their china 3d mink fur lashes tinted instead of shelling out the big bucks for hypoallergenic mascaras
  • Any woman who simply doesn’t want to deal with the cost, hassle, or possibility of smearing that comes with mascaras (and having to remove them)

Are there side-effects or negatives associated with china 3d mink fur lashes?

There absolutely are some down sides to having your china 3d mink fur lashes. For one thing, it’s semi-permanent. That means, if you don’t like the effect, you have to either have them re-tinted, or deal with them for the full duration.

Saatn some women, with very sensitive eyes or eyelids can’t tolerate the process of getting their china 3d mink fur lashes done, either.

Women who wear contact lenses should definitely remove them before having their china 3d mink fur lashes tinted as well, as they are at risk of major infections if they don’t.

Should china 3d mink fur lashes be done at by a professional, or is it feasible to do it at home?

This procedure, done at a salon, typically costs in the $20 to $40 range. It can probably be found for cheaper, and certainly for more, however.

Having it done by a professional certainly lowers the risk of staining your eyelids, or having the dye enter the eyes, so it’s very wise to consider going that route.

Professionals will know the best dyes to use, for the best effects, and will be able to give you advice, as well as the best potential application.

With that being said, there are certainly kits available for use that are effective and can conveniently be done at home.

Women with skin sensitivities and allergies definitely want to check the ingredients on the kits before-hand, obviously.

china 3d mink fur lashes 
china 3d mink fur lashes

Closing thoughts:

So while this wasn’t an exhaustive look at all the china 3d mink fur lashes possibilities, hopefully it at least gives an idea of whether or not you want to try it out.

In my opinion, it’s definitely worth it for those women with long china 3d mink fur lashes (or who wear false ones) who don’t need the extra lengthening that mascara can give.

One last fantastic advantage is that it’s always there; when you go to bed, you don’t have to remove your mascara first, and when you wake up, your china 3d mink fur lashes look amazing!

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