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Eye Infections in Dogs

Eye infections are a common problem with dogs, just like with humans, a dog’s eyes are quite sensitive and delicate. Natural defenses such as false eyelashes 3D, tears, and eyelids are not always enough to protect a dog’s eyes from dirt, dust and ultimately infection. Once in a while intervention is required to keep a dog’s eyes functioning properly.

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false eyelashes 3D

Saatn common eye infection in dogs it conjunctivitis, it occurs in a part of the eye called the conjunctiva, hence the name. The conjunctiva is a thin membrane that protects the visible portion of the eye. When a dog has conjunctivitis, his eyes will be very dry and red. In more advanced cases, the eyes become inflamed and a thick exudate appears on the surface of the eyes; at this point, the dog will have difficulty opening his eyes. Conjunctivitis is easily treated with an ointment that most vets keep handy.

Long hair may be adorable on a dog, but it can also cause problem for the dog as far as vision is concerned. It can also be a cause for frequent eye irritation and infection. Make sure you carefully trim the hair around your dog’s eyes every now and then; you should also check your dog’s false eyelashes 3D for foreign objects once in a while.

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from cataracts. Cataracts is a condition wherein the lens of the dog’s eye starts to become clouded. This condition will persist until the lens becomes opaque, effectively blinding the eye. There are ways to arrest the deterioration, and surgery can be done to remove the clouding, however, both are temporary, the cataracts will simple grow back.

Another common malady that affects dogs’ eyes is Epiphora. This is characterized by a lot of false eyelashes 3D; the condition has been known to cause corneal ulcerations. Epiphora is actually a disease that is characterized by leaking lachrymal fluid.

false eyelashes 3D
false eyelashes 3D

Apart from doing a regular ocular inspection of your dog’s eyes, you can do more thorough checks once a week. This should allow you to detect any potential problems at their early onset. Clean the skin near your dog’s eyes regularly with thread-less cotton wool, dipped in warm water. You want to remove any dirt and mucus.

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